The Ups & Downs of Autism

Last weekend was the perfect weekend. It was one of those weekends that I doubt Thomas’ diagnosis. Autism moms out there know what I’m talking about right? Then Monday came around and it all went to hell again.


Thomas got off the bus in a great mood! We worked on color matching games and puzzles until bedtime. He is AMAZING at puzzles and matching. Like scary good. He is a really smart cookie.


Thomas had an appointment with his developmental optometrist. Yes, they have developmental everything. I was anticipating the usual behavior of yelling and running away from me but he did the total opposite. He played in the waiting room and read books until we were called back. He sat on my lap, put his chin in the machine, looked at the hot air balloon and let the nurse measure BOTH of his eyes. He sat in the chair in the exam room all by himself and let the eye doctor shine lights in his eyes without an argument.

At the end of the day he was cleared with another year of perfect vision. His clumsiness and balance issues all seem to stem from visual sensory issues which we will just have to continue working on with OT.


We went grocery shopping and Thomas was repeating everything I was saying. “Red bell pepper” “Spaghetti squash” etc..etc…. When we got up to the register he said “Hello” to the cashier. He sat in the cart without a peep. When we left, without prompting, he said “Bye bye!”

Later that afternoon we Skyped with my parents and he said hello grandma and hello grandpa.

For dinner we met up with my husband who was working a double shift. Thomas was standing on the chair watching him order our meals. He was pointing to him saying “Dada” and repeating me when I said “There he is!!”



Was there a full moon I was not aware of?

Thomas had the day off school and was home with my husband. When I came home and tried getting him ready to leave for his Occupational Therapy appointment it was constant meltdown.

Finally we got to OT and in the waiting room, where he usually likes playing with the toys, he kept running away from me and trying to run out the front door. When I’d bring him back into the room he would go limp (his favorite trick) and become a giant noodle on the floor. This went on for quite awhile until his OT came to get him.

Thankfully it is close to bedtime when we get home from OT  🙂


The grunting! Oh good lord. When you call his name or ask him a question you get a grunt. He’s chewing on his lips and fingers again. We finally rid him of the chronic impetigo he was getting from chewing his bottom lip and now it’s probably going to come back.

There is definitely SOMETHING going on but what it is I have no idea.

On the plus side….he can now count to 3! So there is that.

Silver linings, right?

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