Surveys and Apps For Spare Cash

As promised, I’m going to share with you all some of my favorite surveys, apps and programs for earning gift cards or spare cash. If you’re anything like me and love to shop but hate spending money then you’re going to love this! It took awhile to get in the swing of things but at this point I’m able to earn some decent shopping money.

These apps/programs are in no way intended to be “get rich quick” schemes or even used to earn a living BUT here are some excellent uses for the money you could potentially earn…

Top 10 Ways to Spend Earned Money From Surveys:

  1. Vacation spending money! Have a family trip coming up? Use your survey cash for spending money!
  2. Update your wardrobe! Most of these places will let you cash out for Amazon gift cards. I swear I get SO many compliments on the clothing I’ve bought on Amazon!
  3. Update your kids’ wardrobe….not as fun but hey, they should look nice too right? haha.
  4. Build your photography studio with props and equipment! A favorite use of my money!
  5. Gas money!
  6. Birthday/Christmas gifts! This is especially helpful if you want to keep your significant others’ gift a surprise!
  7. Educational/sensory toys/games/equipment for the kid(s)! Another favorite of mine. All that stuff is EXPENSSSSSIVE!!!
  8. Household items… NOT  a favorite of mine but I have done it. We all need toilet paper and Lysol right? Unless you’re making your own cleaning products. (Teaser for another upcoming blog post….see what I did there?!)
  9. Fun seasonal decorations for your home! When we moved into our new house last year, I bought some really cute decor!
  10. Ok, I can’t think of another idea but I really like even numbers. Feel free to comment below with your ideas!

My Favorite Apps & Websites for Surveys:



Swagbucks is probably the most fun and addicting app/website I use. There are multiple ways that you can earn money besides taking surveys. You can shop through the site and get points back for your purchases, watch videos, try new products, etc. There is even a Facebook group to help you utilize the website to the best of your ability! You can cash in your points when you reach 300 points and you can exchange them for pretty much anything you can imagine (except cash) from Amazon gift cards to Target, Visa cards, Best Buy, Lowes, etc. etc. etc…..

They have a pretty awesome referral program too! For each person you bring in to Swagbucks, you will receive 10% of their earnings! Win win!
Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at



As far as grocery shopping apps go, this one is my favorite. Before you head out to buy groceries, check your app for items that will give you cash back. Add them to your list and when you’re done shopping simply scan your receipt and watch the money roll in! This is also a great app for referrals to help you gain even more cash back. Per the website, “You’ll get $5 cash when your friend signs up with your referral code and receives their $10 welcome bonus.” Don’t wait sign up today and get to referring your friends and family to join too!


CheckOut 51

Similar to iBotta but they usually offer different items for the cash back. This can come in handy because you can sometimes get cash back from two apps in one grocery trip. The downfall about this app is that they don’t offer gift cards in exchange for your points, they send a check. I personally cannot attest to the speed of which your check arrives since I’ve been running my balance up a bit before cashing out. They also do not have a referral system at this time so my mention of the app is purely out of the goodness of my heart. They tend to have the best cash back for wine and coffee 🙂


Fetch Rewards

Here is a newer app that I’ve been using but is quickly becoming a top favorite with the rest of them! Same concept as the others where you can select certain brands and when you purchase them you get the designated amount of points assigned. What I really like about this app is that you can still scan your receipt and receive points for shopping even if you don’t buy any of the items they have listed!

Their referral program seems pretty decent as well. Per their website, “Earn 2,000 Fetch Points every time someone signs up for Fetch Rewards. When a friend or family member (or the really friendly grandmother you met on the bus) signs up and submits their first receipt, you’ll automatically get 2,000 points in your account. You can refer as many people as you want to keep earning bonus points. Earn more rewards in less time!”

Use my referral code G7QNJ to get started today!


Coin Out

As seen on Shark Tank! This one I’m a little indifferent about but I keep on my phone because something is better than nothing right? The idea is great, scan ANY receipt and get cash back. Literally any receipt… gas, groceries, anything other than ATM receipts, lotto tickets, money orders or credit card slips. The only downfall with this one is that the cash back is minimal and slowwwww to build up. I’m currently trying to get to $.50 and have been at it for awhile. If you want to check it out though click the title for my referral code! You also get $.50 for each referral so that may be a quicker way to build up your rewards!



This one is also a newer app as well so I’m still learning the ins and outs to get the most out of it. So far though I love it! What is really neat is that you can still gain points for products even if you’re not purchasing them. Simply scan the item inside the store and voila! Obviously the points awarded will be higher if you purchase but it’s nice to still get rewarded without purchasing something you didn’t necessarily want to buy. They also have a sweet referral program too. When your referral joins and scans something in the first 7 days of joining you both receive 250 kicks! You can join today with my referral code EARN120501


There are also a few apps I have on my phone for a more natural and organic shopping trip. To be honest, I haven’t even used them because I haven’t found anything I normally purchase on them yet. However, I’ll keep checking! I like being rewarded for buying fruits and veggies, don’t you?!

Berry Cart

Makeena my referral code is OKRCBJ

My Favorite Websites for Product Reviews:



Sign up for this. Just do it. Trust me. Who doesn’t love free products to try out and review right?!? The products are always something really awesome too! My most recent review is of a Perricone face mask. The sample size is HUGE! Seriously, go sign up now.

PPOC (Product Proof of Concept)


Also a cool site for product reviews. It seems like its still new so the product selection isn’t much of a variety just yet but the concept is awesome and I can’t wait to see what else I can review. You buy the product on Amazon, submit your proof of purchase, they reimburse you most of the time 100%, you review product, they pay you for review. See? Awesome! My most recent review on this site is a juicer!! No joke! A JUICER!!!


American Consumer Opinion

I’m listing this website as an option but it comes with a warning. The payout time frame is LONG!!! They say on their website 8-12 weeks and that is being generous. I’ve cashed out my earnings twice and have waited much longer than 12 weeks plus had to send multiple emails asking for a status. The positive of the situation is that they eventually do send the money to you. If you aren’t in a hurry….at all….then this could be a great fit for you too! I was selected for a really fun K-Cup survey last summer that was not only fun for me as a major coffee drinker but they also paid me for it! After completing the survey I have a few new brands of K-cup coffee that I would have never bought on my own!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are able to find some fun and easy ways to earn some extra cash and/or get free products to try! If you have any websites or apps you’d like to share, please comment below!

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