Just Wait…

Just wait…   These two words just make me want to go ape shit lately.

As previously mentioned, Thomas was evaluated by Early Intervention and qualified for Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy once a week. He will be reevaluated for Developmental Therapy in 3 months as he was 25% delayed but not enough to qualify for those services as well.

I’m freaking excited about this. Not about my child being delayed but about getting help for him and getting it NOW! Him having delay in these areas is something outside my control but having him evaluated and starting him with therapists to help catch him up? That is something I can control and will do for him.

When I tell people about him starting therapy, and I tell everyone because I AM excited, I tend to get this response.

“Just wait… once he starts talking you will wish he’d stop” or “Sooner they talk, sooner they talk back”

“Just wait… once he starts walking you’ll be exhausted from chasing him” or “Enjoying him not being mobile”

“Just wait… yadda yadda yadda”

Right. I get it. Kids are exhausting. When they walk and talk its more work. The correct responses are “Wow that’s great you’re getting him help so soon”, or “EI is amazing I’m sure you’ll see Thomas catching up soon”, OR..my favorite…. “You’re a great mom for doing this”.

I need a witty comeback for “Just wait…” and words seem to be failing me. I know, right?






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