Sneak Peak Into My Home Photography Studio

You may have come across an old blog post about setting up a home photography studio for under $50. In our old house we really didn’t have much room to be spreading out and creating a real actual studio, so the blog post was all about how to make the best of what you have on a budget. Check it out when you have time! I may be bias but I think there are some really helpful tips in there!

Anyways, last year we decided to sell our house and move! I was SO excited when we found our current house because it had everything I ever wanted in a forever home. One of the biggest selling points was a finished basement complete with a bathroom, full 2nd kitchen, storage space galore and…. a bedroom! My photographer heart exploded at the thought of having an actual room to dedicate to photography!

We have lived here for almost 10 months now so my studio is still a work in progress. I belong to quite a few survey and savings apps (for another blog post in the future!) that I cash out for Amazon gift cards quite often and buy new items for the studio. Even though I may have the space for a studio in my house now, I still want to keep the cost minimal! If you’re looking to build upon the tips in my first blog post then keep reading!

Studio Lighting Equipment:

This lighting set by Neewer is a great option for perfect small studio lighting on a budget. The set up is a piece of cake but even if you’re not sure about something there are tutorial videos that you can watch.

 Studio Set Up:

Feeling a little more adventurous and want to expand past the small garment rack used in the last blog post? This is the kit for you! LimoStudio is always a favorite of mine for equipment these days. They give you a sturdy product for a really reasonable price. This kit is great because it expands up to 10 feet across and over 8 feet high. It also comes with a fun carrying case if you have to pack up and take on site to a photoshoot!


Studio Flooring:

The one thing that was especially nice about my old house was the flooring throughout the first floor. I didn’t really have to worry about what was underneath my subject because it was always such a nice looking floor. This house, however, is heavily carpeted. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have the warmth under your feet but there is something about a home and hardwood floors that really gets me.

The problem with having carpet in a photography studio is that your subject crumples up the background due to nothing underneath to hold their weight. This creates a ton of extra editing time and sometimes just makes the pictures look bad. I was on a mission to solve my flooring problem without having to replace the carpeting (I asked and husband said no).

You can go to Lowe’s and purchase individual planks of flooring, which is what I originally intended on doing. Then I found eFloors which allows you to order samples of their flooring for $.99 plus free shipping. The space I needed to fill cost me a whopping $8 and now I have the semblance of a hardwood floor!

Here you can see it with this recent “Back to School” photo I took of Thomas!

My Favorite Part of My Studio:

The natural lighting is amaaaaazing! I am SO lucky to have not only been given a spare bedroom to work with but also TWO giant windows to let in some fantastic light!

Sneak Peak:

Welcome to my studio for A Light Within Photography!

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