A Great Day in the Payne House!

First of all… Thomas’ growth hormone was approved and arrived today! He will be starting Genotropin next Tuesday evening when the home health nurse comes and gives us our instructions! The pen and cartridge I’m sure will be a piece of cake. Having dealt with Growth Hormone Deficiency myself as a child and THEN after years of infertility whatnot… I’m no stranger to needles! The only thing that I need some serious instruction is how the hell do I give my 16 month old a shot every single night. Some nights I can barely change his diaper without getting crap everywhere. Seriously! This is going to be a two man/woman job I have a feeling. Until he gets older that is. At any rate, it should be interesting. I’ll keep you all posted on how THAT one goes!

Over the weekend I pulled out all of Thomas’ 18 month clothes to see what seasons we had. Thankfully 95% of his clothing in that size are for cold weather. Currently he is still wearing 12 month Summer clothes and I’m assuming that I’ll be bringing out the 12 month Winter clothes that were packed away. This is the longest he has stayed in any one size which just goes to show how desperately he needs this medication. The Endocrinologist claims that by his 6 month check up that we will see a big growth spurt so I’m hoping that by the end of this year he will start fitting into those 18 month clothes. Just in time for his 2nd birthday haha. Oh well, at least he’s predictable. I think I’ll miss being able to “know” exactly what size he would be in to plan for larger sizes/seasons. I’ll miss it but I sure won’t want it back!

The other big news in the house is…. Thomas has been taking a couple steps!!! I predicted that he would walk in August and how about that….its August and he’s  (almost) walking. He still has a way to go to perfect it but its a great start in the right direction!

He did qualify recently for Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy with Early Intervention programs. He was 30% delayed in motor skills and 44% delayed in Speech and reasoning. We’re still waiting to get our therapists scheduled but he will have both once a week. Hopefully we can get that started soon! I’m happy to see him taking a few steps but at nearly 17 months old, just taking steps and shaky ones, I’m glad we are already on track for therapy. I’m sure after a few months with Growth Hormone, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy he is going to seem like a different kid. A toddler kid and not a baby kid.

Oh, I’m sad already.


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