Rocking Motherhood? Why Yes I Am!

Hello again my friends! I am super excited to have been tagged by my fellow blogger friend Sarah over at Peterberries to participate in the “Rocking Motherhood Challenge” that was originally started by White Camellias. We as mothers can be so hard on ourselves that its nice to have a challenge like this to make us really stop and think of all the awesome and amazing things that make us moms who are TOTALLY rocking motherhood!



Without further ado…. Here are the 10 ways I’m Rocking Motherhood

  1. Last summer, I was rocking motherhood by taking Thomas to Michigan by myself for the weekend.

    It was a five hour drive one way with a 15 month old but I did it! We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and took some selfies to send home to dad so he knew we were ok.

  2. I managed to rock motherhood when I had a newborn with reflux while my husband was on midnights.

    The first three months of his life, it was my son and I pretty much 24/7. My husband worked overnight and slept during the day so I was on call the whole day. Add on top of that a newborn with reflux, it was…interesting. But we made it through!

  3. Quite often, I am rocking motherhood by asking friends or my mom questions about kids and parenting.

    I’m not afraid to look crazy…and I’m sure I do most of the time!

  4. One of the biggest ways I’m rocking motherhood is that I’m an advocate for my son’s health (and mine!)!

    He has Growth Hormone Deficiency, Developmental Delays and some Neurological abnormalities. I never stop questioning and researching and asking doctors their opinions on anything! Not much gets past me! See some of my previous posts on that! 24 Hour EEG  or  Early Intervention Updates

  5. Another way I’m rocking motherhood in a totally unique way, is that I’m a mother to  a son in heaven.

    Thomas has a big brother named Jack who lives in heaven. No one tells you how to be a mom to a child on Earth let alone one in heaven. Its a learning curve but I’m on it! Every year on his birthday we donate toys to the hospital where he was born. Every year our donation gets bigger and bigger! Check out my post that was previously featured on Red Tricycle! Dear Son

  6. I’m rocking motherhood because my son inspired me to learn a new hobby…photography!

    While I have a long way to go to consider myself a “photographer”, I’m happy with my work enough that I never have to pay someone to take photos of my son unless I want to be in the photo too! Want to start taking photos at home too? Check out how to get started here… DIY In Home Studio

  7. A super fun way I’m rocking motherhood is that we sing songs and “talk” every night before bed.

    It’s my favorite time of the day! I think (and hope!) it’s his favorite time too!

  8. I’m rocking motherhood by learning patience and practice it every  day.

    Have you had the joy of toddler tantrums yet? If not, just wait…. wow.

  9. At meal times, I’m rocking motherhood as I feed my son healthy options.

    Obviously its not always possible but I try to keep fresh fruits and veggies always available for  him. If eats  nothing else but strawberries, I’d rather have him eat them than a carton of  goldfish crackers…which he would if I let him!

  10. Last way I’m rocking motherhood? ….Well?….Because my husband says so!


    Here are a few amazing mamas I’ve nominated for the #RockingMotherhood Challenge so check them out!

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    #Rocking Motherhood Tag Rules

    1. Thank the blogger who tagged you and link to their blog.
    2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother. (This is only a guideline.  You can have more or less than 10.)
    3. Tag some bloggers to join in the #RockingMotherhood Tag. (3-5)
    4. Grab the #RockingMotherhood badge and add it to your post or sidebar.

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