Ditching the Bottle- A Sippy Cup Review

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Its been about a year since my son has used a bottle. His pediatrician told me “The sooner you can transition him to a cup the better. If you wait too long after his first birthday, you will have to deal with a toddler with a major ‘tude.”

That was one piece of advice that really stuck with me and and I was determined to avoid the ‘tude. What I didn’t realize is that he would get a toddler attitude regardless. However, I couldn’t imagine having to take away his bottle now and adding fuel to his fire, so I’m glad we transitioned when we did!

So now are you wondering how we did it?? Like this…

First, we introduced a sippy cup to him when he was almost 8 months old. We had a lot of success by using this Nuby transition cup. It has two interchangeable lids to help babies in this transition to a cup. To start, there is a nipple similar to their bottle and also a spout type lid to be used later.

We started using the nipple lid and would put a teeny bit of his formula in there so he would be interested in getting it out. The first few times I gave it to him, he ended up just shaking the cup, but it was fun to him and that’s all that mattered to me. Eventually he realized that he could suck on the nipple just like his bottle and formula came out. When he got the hang of the nipple on that cup we switched the lid to the spout and started the process over.

Once he got closer to his first birthday, and we started transitioning to milk (which is a blog post for another time!) we started giving him more traditional sippy cups. It was definitely a work in progress trying out different cups. By that point he somewhat had the idea of a sippy cup and he didn’t seem to have much of a preference on one cup over another. For me though it was difficult to find one that I could keep clean! I’m a severely anxious mother and the thought of mold growing on my baby’s cups sent me into massive “throw out all the cups” mode. I soon realized that the more pieces a cup had, the more likely it was to get gross fast. Straw cups are THE. WORST. Just the worst.

We ending up using these Gerber Graduates Advanced cups.


There is, however, a small plastic valve inside the lid but I remove them when we buy new cups. It only helps the flow come out slower but in my opinion, I want him to get used to drinking with the same flow as a regular cup will give him.

Another great addition to our cup cabinet…(yes we have a cabinet filled with cups. They always go missing until I buy more and then they reappear!! Anyone else have this problem? Its like Tupperware but for babies!)…. is the Munchkin Miracle 360 cup.


This cup is the most space aged cup I’ve ever seen in my life! Honestly, we had to Google how to use this cup and watch a YouTube video in order to figure it out. I felt so stupid when I realized that all you do is bring to your mouth and drink. No joke… that is all. The rubber stopper on the top keeps the liquid from spilling out but underneath the stopper are lots and lots of holes. When you tip the cup up to your mouth, suck on it like you’re drinking, it pulls the liquid through the holes and under the tiny lip of the rubber stopper. This makes it a snap for baby to learn how to drink from a cup without having the trouble of spilling it all over themselves. However, please note….if baby throws cup, which mine does alllll the time and I wish he’d stop, it WILL splash out onto your floor a bit. No cup is 100% spill proof I’ve learned over the past year.

So now my son is almost 2 years old and he is a master sippy cup drinker. We have been working on getting him to use just an open cup but unfortunately that process is going slow as my son thinks its SUPER fun to dump water on himself. Oh, the life of a toddler mom is so exciting isn’t it? Stay tuned for a future blog post about THAT I’m sure!


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  1. We have always stuck with Gerber because of ease but I’m really interested in that munchkin 360. Our little one always steals her older siblings’ real cup because she does not want to be the baby anymore. We may have to look into changing.

    1. It’s a really cool cup!! I recently had to demonstrate for a room full of adults how to use it because it’s so simple you don’t even realize it! Haha! But tip it upside down? Nothing comes out…a true miracle cup!

  2. your little guy is too cute! I bought my son the same sippy cup you did because it transitioned which was great. He now uses that space-age one you mentioned and loves it…in fact he refuses to use any other bottle now except that haha

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