Capturing Our Chaos


Facebook or Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase ourselves with filtered, edited, perfected poses. What we don’t see often are the dirty dishes in the sink , the dog that is currently pooping on the floor all while the toddler is having ANOTHER meltdown for no apparent reason.

Yes. I’m talking about my own house last night.

I’m guilty of this as well. I tend to post the best photos of myself or my son…add a filter or two… or even so much as retaking photos over and over until it looks as perfect as possible. The truth of the matter is… we’re not perfect. Matter of fact, we’re a mess. A big stinkin’ mess. The dog, the toddler, me, everything…. BLECH!

Last night I was having one of those “I’m a failure as a mother” moments. All weekend long my almost 2 year old screamed and yelled. He doesn’t talk yet and he gets frustrated easily which usually winds up with him yelling and me crying.

My Pinterest board, “Crafts For Thomas “,  is full of really cute and fun crafts that I want to do with him while he is little. The only problem is that I have to time it just right to make sure he’s not too tired, too hungry, too hot, too cold….otherwise mass chaos will ensue and the craft will look like crap instead.

Someone gave me this really cute plaster kit when Thomas was first born to capture his hand prints while he is still little. This would be a quick and easy thing to do with him I thought so I waited all day yesterday for him to be in the perfect mood for a craft. I waited…and waited…and waited….until finally he took a three hour nap and I thought “This is it! Perfect time!” and so I gathered up all the pieces of the kit.

I sat him down in his high chair with some Cheerios and some apple juice while I prepared the plaster mold. Apparently he didn’t want Cheerios as a snack, nor did he want the apple juice, as they both promptly made their way to the ground. I was determined to make this stupid craft with him though so come hell or high water…we’re crafting today!

When the plaster mold finally had hardened enough to make the handprint, I picked him up and set him on my lap. No sooner than he sat down did he immediately smash his hand into the plaster mold and squeeze.


“No, no, no… I’m supposed to “carefully” set your hand on top of this plaster and “gently” press down. That’s what the directions clearly state Thomas! They don’t say THOMAS SMASH!”

My first instinct was to cry because again I’m failing and can’t even make a stupid hand print with my son in plaster. Yet after I cleaned all the plaster off of his hand….and his clothing….and my clothing…..and the floor  (:::sigh:::)  it was nearly dry and when I gave it a good look, it honestly didn’t look all that bad!

My son is always teaching me a lesson and he has been teaching me since he was an embryo in a frozen tube. Last night was a lesson in patience and I am not sure that I passed the test but I’m glad to have the chance with him to keep trying. I had tried to capture a memory, and boy did I ever, because being a mom is always chaos and I’ve perfectly captured it without a filter.


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  1. Love this! Well, of course I’m sorry his handprint didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to. Same thing happens with me fingerpainting with Olivia. I tried to do her hand print and it just looks like a big glob. 🙂

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