Best Christmas Gifts for 1-2 Year Olds

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Last year I scoured Pinterest looking for great new toys that I could buy my son for Christmas. His birthday isn’t until March so I was on the hunt for toys that he could grow into and play with over the year. I’m also not a fan of toys whose only purpose is to light up and annoy all the adults in the house. I’d prefer to have toys that will encourage him and teach him developmental skills.

Every child is totally different in what they like to play with but if you’re looking for a couple ideas of gifts for your kids or a baby in your life this year, check out these suggestions!

  1.  Sit to Stand Walker  — Kind of a no brainer here. This fun toy offers lots of entertainment features for sitters/crawlers through walkers. Thomas is almost two and STILL plays with this!
  2. Elefun Ball Popper- This toy took Thomas a little awhile to figure out. Most of the time he would just stick his other toys down the elephant’s trunk. Now that he knows what to do, he LOVES this toy. It teaches colors as well as hand eye coordination. Before he could grab the ball and put it back on top of the elephant’s ear, he learned that the red button would start the air flow up again.
  3. Shape Sorter -Great tool for learning shapes and colors! We only now are starting to have some recognition of the shape itself but Thomas enjoyed opening and closing the box as well as dumping the shapes out and putting them back in.
  4. Motorbike– Super super cute! Helps with colors and fine motor skills to press the buttons. Also works on gross motor skills learning how to get on a bike and push with their feet! We are still working on those skills!
  5. Little People anything… we have these two School Bus and Airplane….   they teach him to put things in and take things out. He can also use both to play appropriately. For example, making the bus drive or plane fly. He can also use the bus when we sing “Wheels on the Bus” and point out the parts in the song!
  6. Stacking cups – Great toy for fine motor skills. Something about these brightly colored cups too keeps Thomas occupied for hours! He stacks them up then breaks them down. Again and again and again!
  7. Megablocks – Great tool to learn how to stack together! We love to build “castles” together. Well…. I build castles. I’m not sure what Thomas is building!
  8. Tunnel – This multipurpose toy has been a lifesaver in our house! When Thomas didn’t crawl or walk yet, he would love to sit on the side with the octopus and pull the bar to make the music play. As he got older he eventually used the octopus to steady himself to stand. Now he crawls through the tunnel quickly and has also figured out that there is a spot at the end to drop a ball through and watch it fall down the chute!
  9. Balls – Every child needs a ball in my opinion! Even a cute soft one like this is great to use on those gross motor skills. Catching and throwing are BIG milestones and something like this is sure to help!
  10. First Words Books – Books in general are always, always, always a favorite in our house, especially as Thomas gets older and shows more interest in reading with me. The First Words books are awesome because they have vivid, bright colors to capture baby’s attention plus it keeps it simple with only two pictures at a time. A lot of other books had a variety of animals, shapes and colors and it was too distracting for Thomas. These books are perfect!dscn1981



I’m always looking for suggestions on great toys for kids in the future as he gets older. Feel free to comment or send me an email with your children’s favorite fun and educational toys!

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