Being My Boy’s Mom


Now that we’ve exhausted our options of having another baby and have resolved to live as a family of three, here come all the comments and questions. “When will you have another baby?” , “Don’t you want to give your son a sibling?”, and my favorite….  “But…don’t you want to have a daughter?”

Oh Mylanta….that last one is the worst one. THE WORST!!!

To be honest, there was a time in my life that I could have only imagined myself the mother of a girl. As the years went by and we struggled and struggled, my vision of motherhood became less specific about gender. I just wanted a baby. Boy, girl, pterodactyl, ya know? Whatever! Just let me be a mother to someone (or something…if it ended up a pterodactyl).

When I was pregnant with my son Thomas I was 99% sure he was a girl. My pregnancy was SO different from his older brother’s, despite that pregnancy only being 20 weeks. I was so tired, terrible morning sickness, ridiculously emotional….so it had to be a girl right? WRONG! At my first growth scan at 16 weeks we told the ultrasound tech we wanted to know the sex of the baby and I just about fell off the table when she said “Its a BOY!”.

First thing I did when I got home? Packed up the tiny peplum shirts that I had just ordered on Macy’s website. No joke, that is how sure I was he was a girl!

All joking aside though, now that I have my son I can’t even imagine being a mother to anyone but a boy. I’m sure as he gets older there will be some scary moments….and broken bones or scraped up knees….and I’ll figure out some way to handle that… (Ugh, somehow!) but just under 2 years into this “Boy Mom” thing and I’m really loving it!

For starters, I always wanted a “little buddy” to hang out with. My son already is that little buddy that I’ve always wanted! He and I go to Target together all the time and I love spending time with him no matter where we’re at! I’m hopeful that as he gets older that he will still enjoy spending time with me as much as I do.

Second, I’m not exactly the type of person who deals well with screaming and crying and all the girls I’ve seen do that. A lot. Oh my god….make them stop. And drama….sooooo much drama for such young kids. Make that stop too please!

Lastly, let’s face it, I’m not a girly girl. What the hell would I do with a girl? She’d come to me and ask how to contour her face and I’d direct her to Pinterest and encourage her to create a new board.

Also, from what I hear from other boy moms, boys just love their mothers and ultimately that is all that I could ask for, a child that loves me more than my husband.

Just kidding…slightly…


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  1. You are so funny … pterodactyl … 😜 Having a boy IS amazing. There IS something so special about a Mom and her son. Mine is 23 and our relationship is different now of course, but it’s great, and just as special.
    People can be so loose with their words but you just keep up the great work, Mom, and tune out the noise with a smile on your face.

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