5 Resolutions I’ll Never Make Again

Every year during the last week of December I’m frantically trying to come up with New Year’s Resolutions.

How can I better myself? How can I make this the best year possible? What can I do to change things I’m unhappy about?

Well… after quite a few failures of yearly resolutions I’ve come to realize that there are certain ones that I should just avoid in general because they only cause grief when I break them before February. To help you avoid my mistakes I’m listing them with some alternatives.

  1. Exercise More/Lose Weight- This is just setting yourself up to fail. A better, modified choice could be to live a healthier lifestyle. Putting stress of food restrictions and number of days and hours you need to work out is just making me tired thinking about it.
  2. Be Happier- What the…. did I really ever have this as a resolution? It doesn’t even make sense! Don’t make this mistake!!  Instead, think of things that make you unhappy. Can you find solutions to change your way of thinking about those instead? You can’t just “POOF” be happy, you have to make a conscious effort to accept to love yourself and what is around you first. Happiness just comes on its own afterward.
  3. Spend Less Money- Hahahahahahahaha…… yeah, no.
  4. Take on a HUGE project (new language….new hobby…DIY stuff)- Last year I decided to learn German. The whole language enough to converse with my husband’s German born and raised and living in Germany relatives. Yeah, no. Don’t do it. Start small perhaps. Set your sights on a small goal…. learn how to say a few words and phrases. Learn how to knit a potholder and not a whole afghan. Learn as much as you can about repurposing furniture before taking it to the garage and dumping a can of paint on it.<~~~for the record, I haven’t done that but its totally something I can see myself doing.
  5. Reading anything over 5 books- Last year I had a resolution to read 50 books. FIFTY. How many have I read? FOUR. Damn….so close. Haha. Start small and work your way up. If you’re not used to reading more than one book a month how are you going to read more than 12 books right?

The moral of my blog story is this… You will make 2017 what you put into it. Don’t stress yourself out with a long list of resolutions unless they are really awesome ones like “Drink more wine” (true story…. that was one of mine….Only one I kept). Keep it simple and make them things that you really WANT to do! If you don’t WANT to drink more wine don’t do it! Ok, stop laughing that was a bad example…

Want to know what my resolutions are for 2017?

  1. Work more with what I have been given- Self, home, brain power, etc.
  2. Be the best me I can be- Not everyone likes me and that’s fine because I don’t like everyone I meet/know either. I’m a pretty awesome person though so that’s on them. I’m going to work on continuing to be awesome.
  3. Work on my temper- maybe.
  4. Drink more wine- This one worked well last year for me so I’m keeping it.
  5. Spend MORE money- Don’t tell my husband but it makes me happy, LOL



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  1. This post was so funny! I too, am guilty of setting unrealistic goals and failing. I love how yours are so real, especially the spending more money and drinking more wine part. Happy new year!

  2. Love your 2017 resolutions. I am currently working and defining my goals for 2017. And one of mine is to eat healthier and focus on improving the body I have while loving it at the same time.

  3. You are not alone in setting new years goals that you never achieve! I have reached the point where I’ve just stopped making resolutions. Best way to keep from disappointing yourself. 😉 Good luck with yours. It’s a solid list.

  4. 50 books?! 😂😂 This was hilarious and so perfect. We really do come up with bucket list type ideas that we somehow expect to accomplish in a single year, which is just cray!

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