One Month Into Growth Hormone


It has been officially one month of growth hormone treatment for Thomas and we’re already seeing a remarkable change in him so quickly.

According to my rudimentary calculations, I believe he has grown an inch. He has also possibly gained some weight rather quickly as well based on my sudden muscle fatigue on my left side (the carrying side). Either that or I’m dying of some strange muscle wasting disorder. Ya know, the anxiety goes there.

He fits in his 12 month sized clothes rather well now and I’m starting to worry about his Fall/Winter wardrobe! Its all 18 months and we have zero clothes for cold weather in any larger sizes. Please oh please just wear the 18 months until March!!

His morning injections are getting easier. One of us holds him in place and the other gives the shot and then we switch “jobs” the next morning. Thomas cried the first couple nights but now he’s a pro. He sees the pen and he knows what is going to happen. He barely even cries now. I’m so proud of him for being such a trooper!

Thanks to his PT that recently started as well, he is finally starting to walk with more balance and stability. He is still lagging behind a bit but he’s making great strides at catching up there as well.

All of this quick growth makes me want to capture every moment even more so since I know it’s going to pass by us even faster now. I have a few little hand and foot projects that I found on Pinterest for Fall/Halloween that I’m planning on trying out one of these days soon. I want to just bottle up all these memories. Keep an eye on the IG page for pictures when I finally get around to it!

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