Influenster- Eat Well Live Well VoxBox!

My hard work of answering all those Influenster snaps has finally paid off. I have been on many short lists to receive a VoxBox and finally I have received my first box of goodies!

What is a VoxBox you ask? Well it’s a box that is chock full of complimentary items that are sent to you in exchange for your honest review. This VoxBox in particular was the “Eat Well, Live Well” box. To start, I honestly was surprised to see that the box only contained the bag of Glutino pretzels and coupons for free items to complete the box. The Chicago suburb that I live in is not exactly well stocked in the way of gluten free products and the like. However, I was able to find everything except the peanut butter at my local Target and then I made another trip out to my local Jewel to find the peanut butter. I also had to pay the tax on these products despite having coupons for a free item within the price range. Not that the minimal cost is a big deal but in my opinion, a complimentary item should be free 100% not free plus tax. Just my thoughts.

This review may sound bias because I received all the products free for my review but… they were all amazing! I seriously can’t get over how delicious all these items are! I actually loved the Glutino pretzels so much that I went to the grocery store and bought another bag for myself.


Glutino Pretzels- Very tasty! Just enough salt and not dry like other GF products I’ve tasted before. These pretzel taste like any other pretzel in my opinion! Like I said above, I went and bought myself another bag!

Evol frozen meal– I chose the ziti pasta and OMG it was delicious! I was scraping teh bowl to get every last bit! When you check the ingredients, you see all food ingredients. Real food! They came with a decent handful of interesting flavors for meals and it was hard to pick one. I, however, always default to a pasta dish! The only downfall is that most of the meals are around 370 calories, so it was tough to fit that into my 1200 calorie day. Also…fun point to mention. Evol is love backwards. If you hold the box in a mirror you will see!

Udi’s Bread- Had a nice taste to it. Not dry as I honestly expected it to be. The calorie count was decent too, you can have 2 slices for only 140 calories which works out nicely with a small pat of the peanut butter. Only downfall was that the slices are rather small and I can’t put them in my toaster. I nuked it for 10 seconds to warm it up so the peanut butter would melt and that worked fine!

Earth Balance Peanut Butter- Also amazing! Honestly the taste of the peanut butter is not SO different. I mean, peanut butter is usually peanut butter right? What I thought was really cool though was that they have a peanut butter made with coconut oil. That was the one I chose to sample and the coconut oil gave the peanut butter such a great taste. It was a nice change of scenery from your standard everyday peanut butter! Calorie count is similar to other peanut butters but its a good fat so you want those calories!

Earth Balance Butter- Yet another awesome product! I’ve been using this butter for a few weeks now and really love the creamy buttery taste! Only downfall, which happens with butters like this, is its not as easy to spread. I leave the container out for a few minutes before using it and that helps a lot!

I hope you all enjoyed my review of these products. If you’re gluten free, eat organic foods, or just want to try some new food items out, I hope you give these a try!




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