Time for an Update

Things have been pretty hectic in our house lately. I have a few ideas for fun and interesting blog posts of reviews and product ideas to make your busy lives easier, but they’re all still works in progress.

In the meantime, I’d like to tell you a little bit about what is going on besides the teething with my son!


Speech Therapy

Thomas started Speech Therapy at 17 months old and we are coming up on his 6 month evaluation. From what I hear from other people, speech takes the longest to notice a lot of progress and that what you do get is very slow. In our case, this is exactly true to life. Six months ago he had zero words and minimal to no understanding of what we were saying. Now his “words”, and I put that in quotation because some of these are monosyllabic but we count as words, are mama, dada, up, dog, cow, cat, yeah. Sometimes he mixes up his syllables so instead of saying dada, he may say  ah da. Also, sometimes he says “tow” instead of “cow” but his SLP says that that is totally normal for children learning how to talk. As far as animal sounds, for some reason those seem to be his favorites as opposed to actually talking, he says moo, baa, meow, rawr, and bawk bawk bawk. We recently got him this barnyard set of Little People and it was the best purchase ever! It has helped him learn what all of these animals look like. Now, if I say “Find the horse” he will look around and grab the horse to show me. It’s the cutest toy and SO helpful for developmental purposes.

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Besides his spoken words, he also has learned a few signs over the last six months. He signs more, eat, please, all done, cookie and sometimes milk. He seems to be very motivated by food so those are the signs we’ve taught him first. I was SO excited about a month ago when he signed “eat more please”. That totally counts as a three word sentence!


Physical Therapy

He is doing AWESOME! in PT and when he comes up for evaluation we may even take a break to see if he continues to progress. If he regresses than we will jump back into weekly sessions again. However, when walking up stairs (with my help of course) he steps foot over foot and his PT says that that is a 3 year level thing to do! My sweet boy is advanced!


Random Mumbo Jumbo

Tomorrow Thomas is having a 24 hour EEG done and you will need to keep an eye out for my future blog post about that! I’m sure I will have lots of tips and advice for parents going through this as well after we sort out what we should have brought vs. what we brought that we didn’t need. At any rate, he just has a lot of stuff going on and his neurologist felt that this test would be the definitive test to see if anything abnormal was happening in his brain.  Apparently seizures are likely to happen at night during sleep with children and this can cause delays in speech like Thomas has been experiencing. With his delays, his Growth Hormone Deficiency, his staring spells and occasional twitching and eye movement, he felt like we really needed to check this out. It could be that he is having odd developmental quirks but it could be seizures so it’s best to err on the side of caution and look into it.

Sometime between 730am-2pm they will call us when his bed is ready. After we get the call, we bring him in to be hooked up to the monitor which is contained within a helmet. I have NO idea how this is going to work as my child will NOT wear a hat or hood or anything on his head. Ugh. Should be fun.

He will stay for 20 hours past the time that they get him hooked up and at that point the neurologist will come in to talk to us about the results. I’m really nervous and anxious but looking forward to finally having an answer. It’s hard to parent with anxiety because you always feel like the worst is true life and that something is always wrong with yourself and/or your children. Every weird thing that happens with Thomas I immediately think that something is wrong. However, when a doctor agrees with you that all the little things are not normal, it really wears you out.

So that is our life right now….on top of 2 year molars and your regular toddler attitude. I’m sooooo tired!!! LOL!!!




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