How to Throw a Barnyard Birthday Party!

So sorry my faithful readers for leaving you high and dry for awhile. I haven’t had much time to blog since I’ve been planning my son’s second birthday barnyard party! We also had family in town and we wanted to spend as much time with all of them as possible! Previously, I gave you all a sneak peak of my ideas for Thomas’ birthday party. Do you remember? Need a refresher? Here is the post…. Commence Birthday Party Planning Mode . This was such a fun party to plan for my little birthday boy and I think he (and our friends and family) had a great time!


My son LOVES animals and more specifically he seems to love cows and sheep. It was only fitting that we throw him a Barnyard Party! With a little help of InDesign, and my sweet rhyming skills, I was able to make those invitations myself! Aren’t they cute?


Once invitations went out, I needed to decide what colors to decorate with and find some cute props for the party. The tablecloths, cups, plates, utensils were found at my local dollar store. The barnyard centerpiece, “photo booth” props, and galvanized buckets were all found on Amazon. I love Amazon…you seriously can find anything there! Last minute I realized that I didn’t have a “frame” for the photo booth. I meant to buy one but lost track of time. As I was looking around the house for something to fashion into a frame I had the idea to cut it out of a cardboard box! It wasn’t anything fantastic but it served its purpose. I cut the flaps off the box, taped together with painters tape, and then painted over the whole thing.



The kids all enjoyed playing “Pin the Tail on the Cow”, which I also found on Amazon! None of the little ones had to wear blindfolds and guess who won? My birthday boy! My cousin was also nice enough to lead a game of “Duck Duck Goose” for some of the older kids to play.


Obviously this is the most important part of the party right? Every year we order our cake from “Creative Cakes” in Tinley Park because they make the most amazing cakes EVERRRRRRR. Not only are they the most unique and detailed as far as decorations go, they taste soooo good too! This cake in particular was completely edible. The farm animals were fondant and the barn was a decorated rice krispie treat! It was SO hard to keep the kids’ fingers out of this cake during the party! Who could blame them?!?

Hopefully if you’re planning a barnyard party of your own sometime soon, this blog post will give you some ideas! I’d say this year was a success judging by the smile on his face!

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