A little Turkey Day crafting fun!

I’m SO not crafty at all…. I’ll find something I like that I *think* I can recreate yet when I go to do the craft, I end up hiding the results in the closet (or throwing away!) so no one sees! At any rate, now that I have Thomas and want to make memories together, I try to find an easy craft that we can both do. Since he’s still so little, most of our crafts revolve around his hand and finger prints!

Here is what Thomas and I made for Thanksgiving today!


I found packs of 2 canvas at Michael’s a few months ago….and the same day when I was browsing the Target clearance section I came across this sparkly letters that have adhesive backing. Even though it was barely fall, I knew I could use these for something fun on Thanksgiving morning.

Thomas still isn’t quite sure what to make of having paint on his hands and fingers so his turkey is a bit squiggly looking. Maybe this turkey was hitting the dessert wine a little early this year. Haha.


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